Thursday, May 21, 2009

What's Up Doc?

We had a preschool lesson with a nurse last week and the kids loved it. They got to play with a couple of real stethoscopes and listen to their ow heartbeats and breathing. How cool was that?

"Thump thump thump!"

"Baby, what does your heart say?"

"That's a picture of the inside of WHAT?"

"What's up, Doc?"

"Let me take your temperature. I promise it won't hurt."

Kiraism of the day:

M: Kira, stay in bed until I come to get you. You have to nap.
K: What are you going to do?
M: I am going to take a nap, too. Don't wake me up.

(I went into my room as a bluff and I lay down for a bit. 30 seconds later, I was asleep. An hour later, I woke up with the baby. The house was quiet so I figured the girl must be asleep. I went into the kitchen to get the baby a bottle only to find the girl sitting at the dinner table, both gates locked.)

M: Kira, did you lock yourself in?
K: Yeah...
M: How long have you been here?
K: 3 days.
M: Oh...
K: Mommy, can I have candy?
M: What candy?
K: The ones you put on the high shelf.

(I looked around and saw the ones I put on the high shelf were already on the table.)
M: Did you climb up and got the candy yourself already.
K: Yeah, the good thing is, I came down. So that was good.
M: You ate it already?
K: Yeah. I wiped my own hands so I don't need your help. That was good, too.

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