Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Take 3

We went back to the Academy of Science for a third time during members only hour hoping to see all the super cool things that we couldn't before because of the huge line-ups. Here is what happened:

First we went back to warm the kids up to a day of adventure at the Early Exploration Cove. They found something they both enjoyed:

Then we saw a 30 minute show in the Planetarium. It was mighty cool and the kids behaved quite well.

Then we checked out the living roof. The roof of the building is covered by 2 acres of native plants. The live blanket keeps the temperature pretty stable inside the building and it attracts birds and insects making the surrounding very pleasant.

Within a couple minutes, Kira said it was too windy and wanted to get back inside.

Then we checked out the Natural Science Center. Em... now that I think about it, the order of events may have been a little different. Anyhoo, here is how I am telling the story. So, in the Natural Science Center, we saw all kinds of displays of birds, sea lives, insects, skulls, etc. My jaw dropped to see all the different specimen and I ran around like a little kid in a candy store. Kira was tepid at best.

She was mildly interested in the bear that's mounted on the wall.

Then, she saw the one display that excited her. I know kids learn best when they can relate but come on! This is what she was interested in when presented with a million other cool things????!!!

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