Monday, November 10, 2008

Play Cradle

Remember I blogged about this doll cradle that I bought at a garage sale? When I bought it, I envisioned little dolls lined up and covered in little hand made doll quilt and Kira gently rocking the dolls to sleep like that good little mommy that she is. Not for a moment did I imagine the cradle being used like this:

These three are crazy when they play together. Sometimes they fight like siblings. Other times they are partners in crime. It's been fun watching them grow into little people, each so different in his/her own way.

This is as close as it came to my vision. Hayden gently rocking Kira to sleep one afternoon.

While we are on the topic of play, this is a little inflatable ball pit that I bought for Kira when she was a crawler. She didn't have any interest in it so I put it away. I took it out again and both Kira and Hayden loved it. They actually played together in it. After 3 days of it being taken out of storage, it broke. Kira and her friend were apparently a little too rough. The tent part on the top got snapped in half. Hayden still plays in it sometimes but it's just not the same.

Moral of the story: the kids are growing up and they are rough on their toys.

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