Sunday, October 3, 2010

Belated (by a lot)

I've been swamped lately. This video was taken last week... maybe the week before on the evening of Mid-Autumn Festival. See, I've been so busy that I've lost tract of time.

Anyhoo, thank you so much, Emily for making my kids so so so happy. Of course, the Boy meant "emily" instead of "enemy". He had this little girlfriend a long time ago that he also called "Enemy".

I am still looking into ways to "privatize" this blog. Coming soon...


Tofuland said... funny that Hayhay called Emily, enemy. Can I start calling you Enemy, Emily? hahahha...

Emily said...

Oh I'm used to being called differently by kids. I was being called auntie "family", "mamaly" and "annaly" by my friends' kids. Enemy is..mmm...OK to me haha!

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