Sunday, July 25, 2010

Candy Land and Another Great Visit

The Girl started playing board games about a year ago. We've tried Cariboo, Chutes and Ladders, and Tractor Tipping (board game based on Cars the movie). Right now, her favorite is Candy Land.

You see, usually, Hubby and I are the only people who'd play with her and after a game or two, Hubby and I get bored with the games. Furthermore, Hubby and I don't let her win and sometimes she gets quite upset. When my aunt and uncle came to visit, the Girl introduced them to the game and they played with "gusto"! My aunt and uncle really cared and they really tried AND despite their genuine efforts, somehow, the Girl always beats them. It's totally hilarious watching them play.

Here is picture of all four of them. My aunt and the Girl were playing Candy Land and my uncle and the Boy are reviewing their letters in the back.

Gung-gung: What letter is this?
Boy: M
Gung-gung: Really?
Boy: E
Gung-gung: What?
Boy: I don't know. Bye bye.

My aunt and uncle are natural with the kids. We are all going through withdrawal right now. I reprimanded the Boy this morning and he said, "I mad at you. I go tell Gung-gung." :-p Thanks for a great visit! Come back soon!

PS I thought I have those pictures of all four of you at the park near the swimming pool on my camera but they are all on your camera. So, you will have to try and email them to me! Time to review your computer skills. :-)

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Tofuland said...

Your goo geh and goo cheung are SO good with the kids! Amazing! And H is just hilarious! I can totally hear him say, "I don't know" in his cute little voice! Man, I miss him!