Monday, July 6, 2009


This was no ordinary picnic. Nothing like a basket filled with sandwiches eaten on a lawn somewhere. This is a seriously fancy picnic. Hubby's company hosts a family picnic for all its employees every year. All you have to do is to RSVP and bring a salad. They provide bbq ribs, fried chicken, chilis, burgers, hotdogs, dessert and beverages. In addition, they provide entertainment. Does anyone remember this picture? That was our first year at the picnic. Last year, the girl was grumpy and we had to carry the boy who was heavy and hot. This year, we truely enjoyed the party.

First, the pool!

"Seriouly, how long does it take for mommy to change us both and get us in the water???"

After spending an hour, maybe longer, at the pool, we were ready to explore other things.

Clearly, I didn't take this picture. I couldn't understand why the photographer did either. I was clearly having some difficulties putting the girl in and the boy just face planted. So, what is the deal here?

A little rough start but the ride was a hit with the kids.

"Yeah! Play area for toddlers!"


The girl got super attached to this bunny. It was kind of weird. This bunny, a real hopping breathing bunny, just sat in the top hat and didn't move a muscle while kid after kid came to pat/poke/spin/kiss/jab/manhandle it.

"Let's start our own biker gang."

"Yes, yes, I had a good time at the party. See you next year!"


Anonymous said...

what beautiful long lashes and flawlessly smooth light skin!!!

T said...

Oh my Lord, looking at those pictures when Kiki was 3 months old....I can't believe how much she has grown!! Time really flies huh?? Oh man, I am going all sentimental here...oh my little baby girl!!

langlangcreations said...

I know! I look at her everyday and wonder to myself how she's grown so much so fast. Sometimes I'd ask her why she is growing so much as she'd say, "because I am eating my healthy foods and becoming bigger than you so I can run with the monsters". Yep, she is grown alright.