Monday, July 20, 2009

Apron Photo Shoot

I think it is hard to photograph my aprons. I make them for my shop and the pictures are always just "Meh..." I made 8 aprons this weekend to be sold on consignment at a store near our house (more on that later) but I thought it'd be great to photograph them for my own record in case I need some kind of portfolio later. Plus, I am really happy how these aprons turned out. They are really cute. (okay, done tooting my own horn)

So, I asked hubby if he can take some pictures for me. He thought for a while, asked for some Scotch tape and set to work.

Here are some of the pics he took.

The Cupcake Apron.

The Open Road Apron

One happy apron family.

Aren't these cute? Thanks, Hubby Master Photographer!

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