Monday, January 5, 2009

Back To The Playground

We headed back to the playground after a long break. Kira has become very enthusiastic about it. She's been quite adventurous and independent. It's fascinating for me to watch because I still remember the days when she is attached to my leg and I thought she'd stay that way forever. In a way, I miss those days but I am also enjoying our current status. Kira plays happily and Hayden tries very hard to keep up with her. It's great!

Hayden surveying playground.

Kira was very happy to be there.

At one point, everyone wanted to be on the baby swing but there were only two. So I decided to put both kiddies in one bucket. I know my kids are a little on the chubby side but they still fit together, so there! Here a short video of my conjoined twins.


HKFC said...

Is it just this photo or is Hayden looking more and more like Kira?

langlangcreations said...

The kids do look very similar. I am starting to get confused when I look at old pictures of them.

I don't recognize the name HKFC. A hint?

HKFC said...

I'm Yee Por Por's daughter in L.A. I guess you didn't get the snail mail yet...will probably arrive on Wednesday. Thank you so much for the cute monster!

HKFC = Hayden & Kira Fan Club :)

langlangcreations said...


T said...

I love how Brett just zoomed by...hahhaha...