Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy New Year

I finally got some pictures of the kids in their Chinese New Year outfits. Chinese New Year celebrations were simple in the Allen house. We went for Dim Sum one day, went for lunch at daddy's work another day, and hit the mall and the playground when we had time to spare.

Here are pictures of our dim sum outing. This is Hayden's second trip to the dim sum restaurant. He was very well behaved both times. Kira was a whole other story.

Hayden with Por Por:

Hayden with mom:

Kira trying to tell us how she feels about having to stay in her seat and eat like a lady:

After dim sum, on the way to the Blockbuster: (Kira didn't want to sit in the stroller nor did she want to hold my hand. So we let her "walk the stroller".)

Kira is working on her gross motor skills... I think that's what the books and our pediatrician call it. Well, she is learning to jump.

China doll outfit:

After we took Por Por to the airport, we went to the mall. There is a turtle pond inside with lots of turtles and fish. Kira is seen here chilling and checking out the animals:

Here is why I don't have more pictures of Hayden. He is often in the Bjorn and I am often the one carrying him. It's quite awkward to take a picture when I can't even see his face half the time. Since Brett carried him on this fine day, I took a quick snap. What an adorable little guy!

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